Green Chemistry In Canada

ACS Affiliation Announced September 15, 2001

The Green Chemistry Institute announces that it has signed a chapter affiliate agreement to formalize the relationship between the Canadian Green Chemistry Chapter and the Green Chemistry Institute.

The Canadian Green Chemistry Chapter is coordinated by Professor Tak Hang (Bill) Chan of the Department of Chemistry, McGill University. The mission of the Canadian Chapter is to promote Green Chemistry research and education in Canada as well as international collaboration.

Speaking for the Canadian Chapter, Chan said: "We are pleased with the formation of the Canadian Chapter and the opportunity to work with the Green Chemistry Institute. Within Canada, we will encourage more colleagues from other Canadian universities and industrial enterprises to join the green chemistry effort."

Green Chemistry Goals in Canada

- Exploit Canada's green advantage for the production of biobased chemicals and fuels.

- Invent reactions that reduce production of greenhouse gases.

- Adapt to work in environmentally benign solvents such as supercritical CO2 or ionic liquids.

- Harvest electricity, a renewable energy, for chemical synthesis.

- Evolve enzymes for chemical synthesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

- Develop manufacturing methods using biocatalysis.

- Advance green chemical processes and the study of atmospheric chemistry.

-Convert biomass, e.g. lignin, to synthetic intermediates, fuels and biodegradable thermoplastics.